18 Mar 2020

Extreme Market Volatility as a result of the COVID-19

The accepted professional practice through these sorts of market bending events is to hold and ride the wave(s), try not to think in terms of 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months - and look beyond 3 years, i.e. what do we ima...

30 Sep 2019

History proves time and time again that the stocks with the most upside priced in, likely fall the farthest. We see this effect in every market, including real estate and commodities.

In markets today, we are seeing some lofty valuations, as investors chase prices up, i...

1 Mar 2019

Investors will inevitably endure uncertainty in the short-term. If you’re new to investing, then you’ve likely heard tales of “underwhelming” returns, or horror stories of investors losing large sums of capital. You may have also heard some fantastical stories of peopl...

1 Feb 2019

Between the age of 20 and 30, most of us are just getting ourselves sorted; employment may be erratic, study could still be demanding, and life in general will be “distracting”. By our early 30’s, careers and families are cemented and we’re now in a pattern (of sorts)....

1 Jan 2019

Now is not the time to be selling or shying away from good investments. It’s a time for buying, with a cautious eye. Assets that provide us with daily liquidity are volatile, principally because “Business” is always shifting. Good management plan for highs and lows & t...

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Extreme Market Volatility

March 18, 2020

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